Showroom JOVE au 21 rue Bonaparte, du lundi au vendredi de 11.00 à 18.30
Showroom JOVE au 21 rue Bonaparte, du lundi au vendredi de 11.00 à 18.30
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Our story

“I wish you fall in love with these fabrics, their designs and colours, and with this beautiful country and its culture. Who knows, maybe will you feel like following the track of the great explorers, of the caravans or of Timur the Lame…”
Joséphine, the designer.


JOVE is the combination of an immoderate enthusiasm for exceptional bright-coloured Central Asian textiles and quality work.

Born in France and raised in Germany, Joséphine cannot stay in place and travels throughout the world as soon as she can. Having graduated in Drama and History of Art (MA), she then works in Berlin, London and Paris developing a passion for Decorative arts, and of course travels again and again…

Her grandmother and mother, two strong ladies of asserted elegance strongly influence since childhood her taste for noble materials and subtle as well as bright colours.

Her passionate search for various types of craftsmanship leads her to Uzbekistan and to the weavers and silk-masters of the Fergana valley, with whom she starts her project.

A collection carefully designed in Paris and produced in Tachkent allies trend and tradition. The first seven fabrics are the result of the joint work between these talented weavers and Joséphine, presenting the first JOVE collection of shirts made of Khan-Atlas, a silk and cotton ikat.